Spirit of Art
Yesterday & Tomorrow 
7506 N Albina Ave
Portland Oregon 97217

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Spirit of Art

Welcome to Our Dreams

Thank you for your interest
 Spirit of Art
Yesterday & Tomorrow

Treasures of the Past & Future

Daily Update:  
Come join us for Spring fun. 
We even have Lay-A-Way.

We are currently closed with plans to reopen.

While waiting, please visit our Etsy Store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/YesterdayAndTomorrow

Local Pickup is Available for Etsy sales

Treasures await you for your outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Over 350 Past (Pre 1940s) to Current Artists

Locally Created & Found Functional, Fun, Heart
Interior / Exterior Art

Fountains, Statuary, Gargoyles

Textiles,  Masks &  Other Wonderful Unusual Finds

A Wonderful Place created & recreated daily with Love, Passion, Dreams & Determination by two women with an idea,  very eclectic taste, a vision, sweat, & affection. A place of wandering, dreaming, & quiet, right in the middle of the city.

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